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Connections Group re-connects with CT Partners

Connections Group of Companies is welcomed by CT Partners as the newest member to join the network.

Connections Group, the largest independent TMC in Australia, is proud to strengthen relationships in the Australian market by rejoining the nation’s largest and most influential independently owned buying group, CT Partners. The buying group comprises 30 of the largest independent corporate travel management firms and premium leisure agencies.

CT Partners CEO Matt Masson, commented, “The return of Connections Group to the CT Partners network reinforces that our strategy of driving exceptional value for members is working. Our culture built around integrity, transparency, and close collaboration resonated with Connections Group whose purpose is to enrich lives through human connection and the power of travel.”

“CT Partners ensures our members thrive and exceed in their individual business goals through tapping into our market-leading buying power and industry-leading expertise, with each member an equal shareholder and having an equal say in the future direction of our network.”

Gary Reichenberg, Founder and Director at Connections Group Australia comments: “The travel landscape has changed significantly in recent years and collaboration and transparency are key value differentiators. The Connections Group is guided by the underlying belief that connections are what drives us all as human beings, hence our tagline ‘Be Connected.’

Connections Group officially joins CT Partners from March 1, 2023.

For more about CT Partners, visit their website here

*Pictured: CT Partners CEO Matt Masson, CT Partners GM Supplier Partnerships Nicole Boyer with Connections Group Chief Executive Officer Ryan Potts