Enriching lives the Connections Group way

By August 16, 2019 August 27th, 2019 News

The Connections Group ‘family’ recently came together in the beautiful Yarra Valley for yet another amazing annual conference – UBUNTU 2019. The conference was all about finding purpose and collectively pursuing a positive impact as a community. It was an opportunity for our employees and key sponsor partners to connect and engage.

UBUNTU, our recurring conference theme, is a powerful African proverb that translates as ‘I am because of you’ or in our world ‘we are because of each other’. It addresses our interdependency as human beings, our common unity and a responsibility to each other within a tight-knit community.

Our Director, Gary Reichenberg, stirred emotions in his key address explaining why Connections Group doesn’t think of itself as a company, but rather a community working to make a positive difference in the world. “Human connection is a theme integral to our group of brands, always has been, and one that I personally take great pride in,” Gary said.

It is this philosophy that underpins the travel group’s newly minted purpose statement which is to “Enrich lives through human connection and the power of travel”. Travel creates a portal through which we can immerse ourselves in other cultures and in doing so gain an insight, understanding and, above all else, an appreciation of each culture’s beautiful nuances.

The conference created an ideal opportunity for our 120 Connections Group’s wider community from across Australia and key sponsor partners to connect and engage while Carolyn Tate, of the Purpose Project, was the keynote speaker who encouraged everyone to find their purpose.


The conference was organised seamlessly by the Totem Group, our inhouse specialist incentive, conference and events management division. With a dynamic mix of keynote presentations, in-conversation sessions, team-building activities and networking events, the conference was designed with precision to challenge, inspire and provoke thinking to deliver greater productivity, find true purpose and work collectively towards maximising positive impact.


In the spirit of UBUNTU we are particularly appreciative of our key sponsors for helping to make this such a memorable conference. The positive feedback has been overwhelming, including this gem from our emcee Andrew Klein, who kept speakers and audience engaged and entertained throughout:

“Totem Group were just wonderful to work with. As you know, I do heaps of conferences each year working with a wide range of conference and event organisers, and you guys simply nailed it.  I have never, ever, in my 20+ years of conferences had so many attendees walk up to me during the day to say ‘thanks’, ‘we really love what you’re doing’ etc. And to observe from the inside and the sidelines the amazing culture that you’ve built was just wonderful. I can see how that touches you deeply – but you can see it in the way everyone gets involved, engages and embraces the team environment. So often all that stuff is paid lip service to – but in Connections’ case, it is real.  I was quite blown away by it.”