Corporate Social Responsibility

At Connections Group, we believe in contributing to the advancement and development of humankind.

Through every connection, we know by doing things together we can make a better world for this generation and the ones to come.

We combine the synergies: the power of our partners, our people and their family members to make a difference to the community.
Connections Group of Companies strongly believe in making a positive impact by ensuring our business is environmentally and socially responsible.

Environmental Sustainability

As part of our endeavour to be an environmentally conscious company, we ensure our business operations are environmentally friendly.
We constantly review business activities and processes to guarantee they comply with applicable environmental standards, legislation and regulations.
We actively encourage recycling, the purchase of recycled, environmentally-friendly and/or sustainable products, and the efficient use of energy and resources.
We minimize our carbon footprint by encouraging the use of remote technology such as webinars and other conferencing technology.


Tree Planting at Yarra Flats Billabong in the Yarra Ranges

We planted 1000 native trees in 2015, re-vegetating an indigenous site around a billabong that was burnt out in the 2010 Black Saturday bushfires. The billabong was home to a range of indigenous flora and fauna, including plants of regional significance and the Latham Snipe, a shorebird species which visits all the way from Japan when the billabongs are in flood. We were pleased to play our part in successfully rehabilitating the degraded land, contributing to the sustainability of our local area and creating a positive impact on the Earth.

The trails are dotted with educational signs and there is a small viewing platform over the wetland. A monument marks a significant moment in Aboriginal and white settler interaction in the area.

Corporate Social Responsibility-TreePlanting

Supporting Thankyou to Help End Global Poverty

In 2016, Connections Group was inspired by Daniel Flynn, Co-founder and Managing Director of Thankyou, a social enterprise that exists to empower people to play a part in ending global poverty through simple everyday purchases. Daniel was a guest speaker at our event and he shared the Thankyou story which inspired, empowered and motivated us as a group to change our daily personal care products in our Melbourne offices. We now only use products that are made from naturally derived ingredients. Knowing that every bottle helps get water, toilets or hygiene training to people in need, makes us very proud to be part of this movement.

Like Thankyou, we believe that being persistent and remaining focused can turn dreams and ideas into reality. Together we can create a better world.
Project Thankyou gives 100% of its profit to the trust, which then distributes it to fund sustainable development projects that help end global poverty.

Corporate Social Responsibility-ThankyouWater


As a leading travel and events company, Connections Group is very serious about our responsibility to act with integrity and care for the communities in which we operate. We make a difference.

Through regular liaisons and partnerships, we use our collective voice in selected social challenges with the aim to bring about transformational change for a better society.


Helping Hands Program

The Helping Hands Program is about changing lives. In 2018, we had the opportunity to build real prosthetic hands which truly change the lives of people in need. In just two hours, our group built 25 hands that effectively enable people to grasp and release something (often for the first time in their lives) and that gift is truly transformative for most recipients. Most importantly, each final recipient received their hand 100% for free (as a result of our amazing team building effort at the 2018 Connections Group Reconnect Conference).

Corporate Social Responsibility-HelpingHands

Diversity Within Our Team

The richness of diversity. So many ‘talk’ about diversity and inclusiveness, yet we just get on with it. We have over 22 nationalities in our business of 140 staff, with 75% of staff being women and 77% of women in leadership roles.

Connections Group embodies a diverse range of employees who support different causes aligned to their own personal beliefs and values.
We support and encourage our employees’ individual endeavors to make a difference.

Here are some initiatives Connections Group have supported:

  • SecondBite
  • InterPlast
  • Movember
  • Frocktober
  • Cancer Foundation
  • Take2
  • White Ribbon
  • R U OK Day
  • Oxfam

Responsible Travel

At Connections Group we are devoted to ensuring that we advocate for Responsible Travel by trading and endorsing in ethical travel with our clients and business partners.


Buzzee Travel

Buzzee Travel is an invitation-only online travel hub exclusive to Connections Group clients, partners and staff. It gives travellers the ability to access exclusive hotel rates whilst giving back to the communities in need. Each booking made through Buzzee Travel makes a significant difference in helping feed underprivileged Australians through our revenue share model with SecondBite.

SecondBite is a charity that works with over 1,300 community food programs throughout Australia to redistribute rescued food to those in our community who need it most.

For more information visit Buzzee Travel

SecondBite-Connections Group

Edge Around the World

Unified in spirit, our team at Executive Edge Travel is forever grateful for the bounty of riches that the privilege of travel has brought to our lives as a group. Every day we make travel dreams come true but we want everyone, at some point in their lives, to be able to experience and share in travel’s magic and its extraordinary ability to inspire and transform, particularly for those less fortunate. So as a harbinger for good will in the travel industry, we’ve devised a way to give back.

In 2014, Edge initiated a charity campaign called Edge Around the World in an effort to spawn a greater trend. For every night booked at any of our Preferred Partner hotels with Belmond, Dorchester Collection, Four Seasons, Jumeirah, Leading Hotels of the World, Mandarin Oriental, Oetker Collection, Shangri-La, Peninsula and Starwood Luxury Collection during a given calendar year, Edge will donate $1 to our chosen charity for that year.


2014’s Edge Around the World donation – The Fred Hollows Foundation

2015’s Edge Around the World donation – Save the Children

2016’s Edge Around the World donation – beyondblue

2017’s Edge Around the World donation – Interplast

2018’s Edge Around the World donation- Flying Fox

Sustainable Events

At every touchpoint of an event life cycle, sustainability is considered and we help drive these outcomes in partnership with our clients.  With RMIT University we are its event partner for a 3-day event on campus for 2000 attendees. Presented with the challenge of a large event with multiple concurrent sessions across multiple venues and catering requirements, we addressed sustainability across all areas.


Our event technology enables us to build the digital infrastructure to deliver robust communications before, during and after events. This results in no printed communication – all digital website, online registration, email confirmations, event app.

Providing catering in pop-up venues without access to commercial kitchens onsite presents challenges with food and packaging waste. The impact is minimised with: reusable water bottles and water fill up stations; crockery/cutlery reusable where possible; sourcing biodegradable takeaway packaging with closed loop recycling; food waste reduction with planning for numbers and reallocation of non used food.

Multi event branded so it can be repurposed year on year, digital signage and human way finders.

Name Badges
No plastic pocket name badges with print upon check in, ensuring print is only for delegates who attend.

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