Connections Group feeding into the great work of impact partners

By September 4, 2019 News

Making the world a better place can be achieved in many ways, which includes our own mission to enrich the lives of people through travel here at the Connections Group of Companies, but we’re also conscientiously contributing in other ways such as teaming up with organisations who fight the good fight.

We’re proud to announce CT Connections, our corporate travel management division has teamed up with PonyUp for Good on an innovative new program to leverage the residual value of used technology and, through a chain of events, turn it into fresh meals for people across Australia who are doing it tough.

How did we make it happen? The CT Connections team rounded up our surplus IT equipment for PonyUp for Good who, in partnership with MRI E-Cycle Solutions, collect the decommissioned technology and provide the department of defense data erasure, debadging, refurbishing and remarketing services, keeping it out of landfill and extending its valuable life.

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PonyUp for Good then donates half of the resale profits to their (and our) charity impact partner, SecondBite, Australia’s superheroes of fresh food rescue. Last year alone the SecondBite team rescued and redistributed enough fresh food to feed 104,000 a day!


Speaking of SecondBite, members of our CT Connections team volunteered for a day to experience first-hand the incredible work that is done by SecondBite in working with over 1,300 community food programs across Australia.

Helping Secondbite
Group at Secondbite